Review of the UK BAP

The UK BAP review has just been published. It makes changes to those species and habitats defined as priority species or habitats and it also alters the UK targets for the species and habitats.

New UK BAP priority species found in Shropshire include:
Starling, Common Toad, Eel, Common Lizard, Hedgehog, Polecat, White Admiral, Wall, Buff Ermine, The Cinnabar, Noctule, Lesser Butterfly-orchid, Basil Thyme, and Marsh Stitchwort.
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Shropshire species that have been dropped from the UK priority list include:
Common Pipistrelle Bat, Scarce Prickly-sedge, Pink Meadow Cap (our only fungus species), and Varnished Hook-moss

New UK priority habitats found in Shropshire include:
Traditional Orchards; Ponds; Upland Flushes, Fens and Swamps; and Inland Rock Outcrops and Scree Habitats

The full list of habitats and species is available from the link below and the lists in the Shropshire BAP Species and Habitats sections will be updated during 2007.

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