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The maps below display records of indicator species (axiophytes) and BAP species made between 1980 and late 2008.  These data are supplied by the Shropshire Botanical Society (  The only BAP species that aren't also indicator species are Black Poplar and Spreading Bellflower (UKBAP).


Shropshire Botanical Society database

The Shropshire Botanical Society database is available on-line via a passworded web site, which is used by members when conducting surveys. Non-members and commercial users cannot have access to this raw data, but national referees and other botanists should just ask us ( if they want access to the full data set.  The records presented on this web site are not to be used for commercial enquiries.  These enquiries should be submitted to the Shropshire Wildlife Trust (  Maps of where these species are most densely clustered can be found in the projects section of this web site under 'Indicator species maps'.

To help keep the records up to date why not send records of your plant sightings to the Botanical Society of the British Isles County Recorder?  Email records to: Sarah Whild ( or post them to 66 North Street, Shropshire, SY1 2JL.


You can get help finding out what plant you have seen by using the online key at:


Field Identification Skills Certificate

With a Field Identification Skills Qualification you can now find out your level of botanical competancy.  This could be for personal interest and development or to prove to employers that you have the necessary skills to carry out botanical survey work.  For further information visit the Botanical Society of the British Isles web site at:


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About the maps

Search and select a species by the english or scientific name then click 'Map'.

The blue square represents a tetrad (2x2km) and when you click the map a tetrad sized square will be highlighted. To the right of the map you will be told the grid reference of where you clicked, the tetrad name, plus the year the species was last seen there.

Click 'Satellite' on the map to use satellite or aerial photos as the backdrop.  Use the ' + ' and ' - ' symbols to zoom in and zoom out.  Click and hold the map to move around.

You can also zoom to a postcode or place using the search window.

To create a link to that specific place click 'link to this map' at the bottom of the map then copy the web page address from the address window at the top of the screen.


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