Shropshire Bat Group

Brown Long-eared Bat
The Shropshire Bat Group is a small but active group  dedicated to the promotion of the welfare, protection and conservation of bats (Chiroptera) in Shropshire.

Our year starts around October when we start our indoor meetings which include training and lectures for potential 'Bat Roost Visitors' licences.

Early in January we begin our winter hibernacula survey for Lesser-horseshoe bats in some of Shropshires old mines around the Stiperstones area.

This is followed by checking our Bat roosting boxes around the county, this takes us up until the begining of May.

Through out the Summer we are busy with various surveys, projects and bat walks.

September brings us back to the roost boxes to clear out any old bird nests and carry out any repairs.


Records of bat species are always very welcome. Please forward any records to:-


Enquiries about bat records should are dealt with by the Shropshire Ecological Data Network.

For all other enquiries please contact The Shropshire Bat Group Secretary:

Ed Lomas.  Phone 01743 361400 (evenings only).  Email


Bats in the Shropshire Biodiversity Action Plan

Click HERE To view the Bats Species Action Plan and check to see what progress has been made with the plan.


Training Programme & Excursions


Shropshire Bat Group has a full programme of visits to hibernation sites in the abandoned mines in Shropshire. These will take place on most weekends, usually Sundays, throughout the winter. Many of the sites have restricted access or are too difficult or even too dangerous for the general public. Also, numbers of visitors must be limited so as to avoid disturbance of hibernating bats during this vulnerable period. However, if anyone is interested in joining in this aspect of our work then they should contact Mike Worsfold (Tel: 01691 831450 ; e-mail who may be able to arrange inclusion in one of our visits.

The list of Summer excursions is available.  Please contact the Secretary if you plan to attend.




Call the Bat Line

Natural England provide a bat line service for enquiries on bat related issues.  The number is:

0845 1300228

New web site

Data tables describing the extremes of echolocation calls of bat species are now available from:


The Bat Conservation Trust web site:



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