How to contact a species recording group or county recorder (expert)


This page provides contact details for a range of species recording groups across Shropshire.

Further details of how to submit records or make an enquiry to a group can be found on the relevant page of each species recording group on Natural Shropshire (by following the top link for that group) and details of national recording scheme details can be found by following the link to the national society for that species.  Usually the minimum information required is: Your name (or the person that saw it), species name (a photograph may be sufficient in some cases), where you saw it (a grid reference is ideal), and when you saw it.

We have provided a named contact in each case, this person is the county recorder for that group of species and records can be emailed directly to them. Please include your own contact details so that records can be verified. 


Contact details:


Vertebrates Invertebrates Plants/Fungi Other

Shropshire Mammal Group
Lorcàn Adrian

Shropshire Invertebrate Group
Godfrey Blunt: 8 Holmes Orchard, Alveley, Bridgnorth, WV15 6NX

Shropshire Fungus Group
Roy Mantle

Upper Onny Community Wildlife Group
Whitchurch Community Water Vole Group
Malcolm Monie

Shropshire Spider Group
Nigel Cane-Honeysett

BSBI County Recorder - vascular plants & Charophytes
Sarah Whild
Clun Wildlife Group
Jacky Harrison

Shropshire Badger Group
PO BOX 100, Whitchurch, SY13 4WX Contact at:

Shropshire Dragonflies Groupand Dragonflies and damselfies records
Sue McLamb

Shropshire Lichens Group
Roy Mantle
Whitchurch Community Water Vole Project
Malcolm Monie
Shropshire Bat Group
John Morgan

Butterfly records and Macro-moths 
Tony Jacques

Border Bryologists
Mark Lawley
Shropshire Ornithological Society
Geoff Holmes

Plant Galls and Micro-moths 
Godfrey Blunt

Shropshire Barn Owl Group
John Lightfoot

Ladybirds and Mayflies
Ian Thompson


Shropshire Amphibian & Reptile Group
Fran Lancaster (Acting Chair)

HoverfliesSoldierflies, robberflies, picture-winged flies and conopid flies.

Nigel Jones


Other Fly Groups
Nigel Jones:


Bees, Wasps, Ants, and Sawflies
Ian Cheeseborough


Terrestrial Bugs (except Shield Bugs) and Auchenorrhyncha.  

Keith Fowler (assisted by Sue Hiatt)                 


Shield Bugs, and Long Horned Beetles(Cerambycidae)

Pete Boardman


Aquatic Bugs (Hemiptera), Water Beetles, Caddisflies, and Stoneflies

Frances Riding


Beetles (Coleoptera), all families except Cerambycidae, Ladybirds, and Water Beetles.

Caroline Uff:


Nematocera (Craneflies, winter gnats, mosquitoes).


Leaf Mining Flies (Agromyzidae)

Godfrey Blunt:



Ian Thompson:


Grasshoppers, Crickets, Ground Hoppers, Earwigs (Orthopteroids)

David Williams:



Francisca Sconce:


Anything not covered from above

Pete Boardman:



Wildlife Groups in Your Area

Local Wildlife Groups Recording Groups Contacts Information at:
Kemp Valley Community Wildlife Group
  Kemp Valley Wildlife Group Webpage
Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group
Long Mynd Red Grouse Project
SACWG: Long Mynd Red Grouse Project
Hedge and Verge Survey
  SACWG: Hedge and Verge Survey
Butterfly Survey
SACWG: Butterfly Survey
Ladybird and Shieldbug Survey
SACWG: Ladybird and Shieldbug Survey
Moth Trapping
SACWG: Moth Trapping
Hedgehog Survey
SACWG: Hedgehog Survey
Wildlife Site Botanical Surveys SACWG: Wildlife Site Botanical Surveys
Upper Onny Wildlife Group
The Bird Group
UOWG: Bird Group
The Plant Group
UOWG: Plant Group
Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife Group
  Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife Group
Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group
Botanical Survey Group
Clee Hill Botanical Survey Group
Butterfly Group
Clee Hill Butterfly Group
Bird Group
Clee Hill Bird Group
Peregrine Watch Group
Clee Hill Peregrine Watch Group
The Novers Woodland Bird Survey Group
The Novers Woodland Bird Survey Group
Upper Clun Community Wildlife Group
Bird Group
UCCWG: Bird Group
Botany Group
UCCWG: Botany Group
UCCWG: Butterflies

Links to external web sites
National Recording

Most national and local recording groups send their data to the Biological Records Centre (   Many of the more difficult to identify species groups do not have a local contact.  For details of all national recording schemes visit:

Much of the data the BRC collects is made available to view by the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) through their 'NBN Gateway'.

For more information check the NBN web site ( or the NBN Gateway (

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